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Heat Stroke Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

HEAT STRESS:  Any pet can suffer from heat stress.  However, very young and older pets are particularly susceptible, as are:

  • Pets with a previous history of heat stress
  • Short-nosed breeds
  • Overweight pets
  • Pets with cardiovascular or respiratory disorders



  • Providing plenty of clean, fresh water for your pet at all times
  • Providing adequate ventilation and air circulation when pets are kept in their Kennels or pens
  • Providing shade cover when pets are outdoors
  • Avoiding excessive exercise of pets during hot weather
  • Never leaving pets in parked vehicles


SO  SOME SIGNS OF HEAT STRESS ARE profuse panting and salivation, staring or an anxious expression, failure to respond to commands, warm dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, muscular weakness or collapse.      

If your pet has heat stress, try to reduce his temperature by gradually immersing your pet in cool water, spraying him with cool water or applying ice packs to his head and neck. Then take your pet to the veterinarian immediately 

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